We handle your boat with kid gloves.

CARE: Using our modern, state-of-the-art equipment, we handle your boat with exquisite care and precision. Because of our excellent reputation, we're entrusted to move most of the lake's commercial fleet.

FACILITIES: Over 200 boats can be accommodated for on-site winter storage at our Tonka Bay facility. Off-site facilities boast over 140,000 square feet of additional space. As the largest indoor, paved and secured storage provider in the region, we can store boats of all sizes.

SERVICES: Our experienced team will take care of whatever services you need, from winterization to shrink-wrapping to any repairs you've been putting off during the boating season.

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With the largest indoor, paved and secured storage facilities in the region, we can accommodate boats of all sizes.

Powerboat Storage


Old Man Winter is no match for Tonka Bay Marina. Not with our state-of-the-art equipment and expanse of modern storage facilities. This includes space for more than 200 boats at the Tonka Bay facility, with an additional 140,000 square feet of space at our off-site Delano location. And for outdoor storage, we can help you with shrink-wrapping. Plus, our winter storage customers qualify for a 50 cent-per-gallon gas discount all summer long at our full-service gas dock.

Sailboat Storage


As the largest storage provider in the region, we offer mast-up winter storage for sailboats of all sizes. Everything is a la carte, including travel life service, power washing and shrink-wrapping for added protection from the bitter Minnesota winter. With our 25-ton travel lift, your sailboat will receive the safe, careful handling it deserves.



Proper winterization is critical for your boat's care. For powerboats, our winterization service is all-inclusive. We will carefully pump out your boat, and run a nontoxic antifreeze through the wet systems for added protection. We also winterize your engine and disconnect the battery. In spring we do a light cleaning, preparing your boat for you to enjoy. For sailboats, our winterization is a-la-carte. Available services include everything from water system and engine winterization to storage cover. Whatever your boat, we can also take care of the legally mandated Aquatic Invasive Species removal and treatment for an additional fee. The off-season is also a great time to do routine maintenance and repairs. From gel coating and woodworking to engine and hull repair, we'll get the job done while you're out cross-country skiing.