Gabriel Jabbour, Owner. Since taking over Tonka Bay Marina in 1990, Gabriel has been tireless in making improvements to all the facilities. Today everything is state of the art. No one is more committed to boater safety and the environment. His leadership efforts to help eradicate aquatic invasive species have been tireless. Gabriel has been recognized with a DNR Award for public access, a Minnehaha Watershed District Award for lifetime achievement, and two Hennepin County Sheriff Awards for public safety. Gabriel runs the business with his daughter Gigi.

Georgette (Gigi) Jabbour, Owner. Raised in Orono on the shores of Lake Minnetonka, Gigi has been an avid boater all her life. Today she works closely with our entire crew to preserve the legacy of Tonka Bay Marina. Her favorite type of boat? Skiff Craft, of course. Gigi loves the design and craftsmanship. But that should come as no surprise given her degree from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. She also has a Masters of Fine Arts, and is the proud mother of two beautiful girls who share her love of the lake.

Joan Dahl, bio coming soon.

Joe Perez, Service Writer. Joe runs a tight ship as our service writer. He's also a highly skilled technician in his own right. When he's not working on boats, he's busy taking care of our service customers.

Jarrod Robbins, bio coming soon.

Skipp LaJoy, bio coming soon.